The Director of Membership for the CIPD, David D’Souza recently outlined what he considers to be an effective strategy for HR – read on for the key points!

The CIPD, or the professional body for HR and people development, has been a supporter of employee rights and HR education since it was founded in 1913.

Yet, despite the fact that the CIPD offers a wealth of resources and development advice for its 145,000 members, Director of Membership David D’Sousa still believes that HR professionals are falling short of the requirements of the modern workplace.

In a recent blog post, D’Sousa outlined what he wants (and doesn’t) from the HR teams he works with.

Here are some of the key points he outlined as essential:

Do the basics well

“For all of the talk about HR needing to be more strategic I want my teams paid accurately and on time, supported to develop and I want my vacancies filled in a reasonable time (with a good pool of candidates to choose from). Where there have to be policies, I want them to be fair, helpful (rather than cumbersome) and clearly communicated.”

Provide insight

“I want to be given insight into my team, its dynamics and challenges that I might not find or know myself. I want to be better equipped and with a better understanding after each conversation. Bring me data and bring me insight and bring me suggestions. Expect me to prod and check that data and insight because you are asking me to act based on it.”

Provide challenge

“I want to be challenged to be better. I want to be told where I can improve and I want someone to bounce my decisions off. I want to be shown different angles to approach a problem. If I’m wrong (I’m busy and we all have blind spots) then I want someone to call that out clearly. Be honest – I don’t actually have enough time for you to manage me as a stakeholder, just tell me what I need to know. I need you to help me crack on with making things better.”

Provide support

“Leading teams can be lonely. I want someone that I can confide in and who will find ways to help. I’ve already got more than enough people judging my leadership – be the person that works with me on it.”

At Liverpool HR, our aim is to work alongside you to help you make things better within your organisation and provide you with the support you need, for all your HR needs.

We know from experience the challenges that come with running a business and employing people and are on hand to challenge, counsel and listen, offering you different and new angles and allowing you to explore new ideas and ways of working that work for you.

We’ll also ensure that your policies are fair, helpful and clear and tailored to your organisation and your needs.

We’ll give you clear, data driven insights into your team and challenge you to be better, guiding you along the way to make things better for you and your employees.

We believe your people matter, and that you need to invest in them to grow, develop and thrive, and are passionate in helping you succeed. If strategic HR support is something you need to grow your business, get in touch!

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